A Chronic Pain Success Story

By Jessica Campbell, MS, FNTP

Are you done beating yourself up, being addicted to pharmaceuticals, or making healthy so complicated? Food Foundation is about making healthy easy, using food as medicine, and falling in love with your body, your food, and your life.Real Stories from Real People are the testimonials you want to hear about my work. These are the stories of vulnerability, when a person opens up and lets me into their life.

Whether you're on the fence about nutritional therapy or debating trying my detox, read these stories first and then decide if you're ready.

October 2011

Meet Christina Kish, an amazing woman who left the Silicon Valley desk job to open a pole dance studio. Crazy? "That's what she said", but instead of training strippers like you may assume, she helps build self esteem.

Christina runs a haven for women. If you think going to the gym and working is out is boring, I hear ya' and I strongly recommend you try dancing in the sky at Poletential. Most first timers never head back to the gym.

April 2012

This is how I met Christina, always in black, with a tough exterior, and deep hidden core. Fast forward to 2015 and you won't believe the photos.

Poletential is now a co-ed studio with aerial arts, hip hop and Zumba on one side and competition or recreational pole dance on the other. What I love are the mommies' nights. Get a group of school moms together and look out! We are strong, fiercely passionate, and building communities of confident women.

But that's another blog. This story is about Christina and her journey with me the last two years.

I credit the passionate and thoughtful care that Jessica has given me over the years to my being able to obtain wellness like I've never experienced in the past.

I went to Jessica after becoming frustrated that the solution to my acid relux, chronic pain, inflammation, bloating, anemia, high cholesteral and poor digestion was for the doctors to prescribe more medications which never treated my symptoms or their underlying causes. I continued to have problems and my blood work always came back with crazy numbers out of range.

My digestion had been off ever since having my gallbladder removed. I knew that the chronic anemia was a result of the digestive issues as was the high cholesteral, bloating and inflammation.

I participated in my first Sugar Detox with Jessica in September 2013. I found it incredibly easy and with her support, was able to keep much of what I'd eliminated from my diet out of my diet even after the detox ended.

In 2014, Jessica began working with me to add supplements to compliment the detox with the goal of getting me off medications that I really didn't need, absorb nutrients and vitamins through better "gut health", and aide in my chronic pain/fatigue.

Jessica has stuck with me through several protocols and I continue to get better as evidenced by passing blood tests with flying colors, complete elimination of bloat and acid reflux, weight loss, better pain/fatigue management, and little to no inflammation.

My chronic pain/fatigue will never be eliminated, but I know that between the diet and supplements, I am in a much better place to manage it thanks to Jessica.

I am thrilled to be one of her success stories and love that each time we meet, we set new goals and work together to achieve them. Thank you Jessica.

September 4 2015

No, thank you! It gives me great honor and power to go on when I see women in pain not only survive, but thrive. Notice the bright colors and smile decorating that beautiful body.

Are you ready for it? The real deal after photo? This is Christina now, with her vibrant colors and poise of a woman that deserves everything she has built for herself. You go girl!

September 2015

If you're struggling to find health, please come see me. It may not be as hard as it seems. I'm willing and ready to help you find your inner goddess and fall in love with your body, your food, and your life!