From Frustration to Freedom

Unlimited combinations of medicinal herbs and nutritious nuts

There's been a surge of people who have tried the Food Foundation detox and have found seemingly miraculous results. They have shared inspiring stories about weight loss, renewed energy, mental clarity and doctors noticing there cholesterol dropping. When asked what they can attribute their success to, they all reply in confusion, "I eat bacon, butter and eggs every day."

Is this true?

If eating these REAL foods, that were thought to be taboo, is helping us find better health than we can refute the official guidelines handed out in every medical office to lower fat intake, choose low fat foods, omit sodium and dietary cholesterol?

These guidelines aren't helping people avoid the symptoms of disease. The reason the Food Foundation detoxers are finding better health is because the detox is simply about eating REAL food in a nutrient dense diet that the body recognizes and needs.

For example, if you eat pastured eggs from chickens that aren't stressed and pumped full of hormones and antibiotics, then your body will not create cholesterol to protect itself from the harmful ingredients in those sick eggs.

If you eat bacon without added natural "chemical" flavorings, nitrates, hormones and antibiotics, then your body will not create cholesterol to protect itself from the "franken bacon". The trick isn't avoiding foods with cholesterol; cholesterol is natural in foods and our diet. The trick is avoiding poor food choices that force the body to protect itself by creating cholesterol.

Speaking of amazing people in our community overcoming their symptoms of disease by eating real food and taking the detox challenge, I want you to meet Ysca. YMCA Mangubs is a beautiful performer, mother, a family nurse practitioner, and student of Doctor of Nursing Practice who went from never cooking to a gourmet, healthy, real food chef.

Here's her story about traveling back home to the Philippines:

Whenever I go back home to the Philippines, one thing for sure, the minute the plane lands I get edema on my lower and upper extremities. I start to swell and do not fit in my shoes, my wedding band cuts the blood circulation of my finger, etc. It never misses! That's how it's always been. And I always attribute it to the heat and humidity of the motherland. But lo and behold! Today is different! No swelling at all! My wedding band fits loose, no problem wearing my shoes. Weather is still hot and kinda humid. The only thing different? I started eating healthy and built a solid food foundation of eating the right kinds of foods. I always tell Jessica, since the summer detox in July 7 of this year, I never looked back. It has become our lifestyle. Everything organic, real, whole foods. Pasture and grass-fed meats, wild caught seafood. Coconut based products (oil, butter, sugar, aminos, syrup, etc.). It may be a bit more expensive but oh so worth it! And the fact that my sinuses are not inflamed at this point in my visit (I always, always have rhinitis or sinusitis whenever I'm home--- be it the weather or allergies, or so I thought) is testimony to the benefits of eating right. I swear! 
So, to those of you doing the detox--- keep it up! You'll reap the rewards! And by the way, at a wellness exam last Wednesday, clinician congratulated me for my very good cholesterol numbers, especially my good cholesterol HDL which is at 92. Clinician asked what I'm doing to get such good numbers, I told her "I eat bacon almost everyday. I cook almost everything in butter, or bacon fat. I eat real, whole, organic foods." She was surprised and asked "You eat bacon almost everyday?" So I explained what I've been doing and told her about Jessica's Food Foundation. She ended the conversation with "Well, whatever you're doing is working. Keep it up!" She handed me a leaflet on wellness with a diet recommendation from Harvard University which said "avoid bacon."
And look what I found at home! A Sunday farmer's market where they sell pasture and grass-fed meats, free range pork, bacon that's nitrite and nitrate free, organic produce, fresh cow's and goat's milk, wild caught seafood! Heaven!
Thank you, Jessica for introducing me to this!

You're so welcome, Ysca! I can't take all the credit here, I simply offered the information and Ysca took control of her own health. She took the list of foods I offered and transformed them into gourmet island style dishes her family loves.

This is why I love the detox and the process of building a healthy food foundation. You don't need to eat pre- packaged meals, funny shakes or foods you don't enjoy. You simply receive an extensive list of real foods that don't cause disease in the body and you can eat whatever you like in any combination from the list. It's safe for everyone regardless of age, race, health, religion or diet.

There you have it, another beautiful woman falling in love her body, her food, and her life!