Improve your health naturally

I customize plans to help you navigate safely between medical and alternative medicine to take control of your health.

Better Energy

Fewer Meds

Easier Meals

Have you gone to multiple doctors for help? Did they take you seriously or did you feel like a burden with so many questions and not enough answers.

The crossroads between holistic healing and practicing medicine is complicated and its no wonder you feel confused about who to trust, what to do, and what to eat. It feels like you have no control over your health.

I created Food Foundation to help you navigate the most holistic practices that are scientifically proven to be safe for you. Each plan is customized to consider your unique needs, the lifestyle you want to live, and the food that creates the foundation of your good health.

Not all foods work for everyone, but you don’t need to give up everything you love in a crazy elimination diet. Nobody deserves to suffer through a meal of bean sprouts and wheat germ when you can eat a nutrient dense waffle instead. 

Eating the right foods can make you feel 10 years younger without adding hours of work to your busy day. 

The best plan is the one that works for you.

Let’s make healthy easy!

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Afraid you're going to have to give up your favorite comfort foods?  No way! Try my 5 favorite Can’t Believe It’s Healthy Comfort Food recipes. 

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Use my Food Foundation Pillars to Simplify Your Meals and Take Back Control of Your Health

Eat for ENERGY

Discover which foods make you feel like roadkill, which ones make you feel 10 years younger, and how to get them on the table without wasting hours in the kitchen.


Supplements that Support you

Stop wasting your hard earned money on vitamins that give you expensive pee, and learn which ones are worth every penny.


Simple Lab Translation

Reverse your annoying symptoms with my simple translation of your labs. I'll turn strange measurements into meal plans, lifestyle tips, and vitamin recs that work.

You don’t have to do this alone! 

I know how you feel. You struggle to get out of bed in the morning, buy expensive vitamins that don't feel like they're working, and can't quite get back to feeling healthy.

It’s not fair! 

You've been to plenty of doctors that just say "you're fine," but screw fine, it feels terrible and you're sick of it. You ask for a new lab and they look at you like you have horns on your head. You have brain fog and you can't remember why that blog you read said you needed the lab anyway.

It’s exhausting when you learn a little online, but you can’t keep up with the latest science, the doctor's advice doesn't seem to work, and you end up with repeat visits for the same damn thing.

Standard medical care and standard diets help you feel like the standard American which feels like crap. It's the same statement I hear in clinic over and over again.

You deserve way more than standard!

Using my Food Foundation Pillars helped me transform from the exhausted mom to the thriving mom and I can customize them to work for you.

Let’s make healthy easy!

Meredith Holden

“Jessica has been so helpful to me and my family. I was crashing and needed to find some balance. I have an exercise and nutrition background but Jessica’s knowledge and experience exceeded my expectations. My thyroid numbers were increasing and I needed adrenal support.

My goal was to NOT be on lifelong medications. I’ve worked with her through my 3rd pregnancy and through COVID to boost my immune system working in a hospital. Jessica has been spot on with her recommendations.”

3 Steps to Receive Your Simple Customized Plan

Step 1

Schedule your Free strategy call

Let’s identify your unique nutritional needs

Step 2

Customized Holistic Plan

I’ll guide you through a transformation from exhausted to thriving

Step 3

Enjoy the Good Life You Deserve

Regain control of your good health

Your time is too valuable to waste another minute on bad health advice. I’m here to help you navigate so you can focus on the things you want to do. 

Of course you could make a kick ass dinner if you didn’t have to read every label for hidden ingredients, go to 3 different stores to buy healthy foods, and then scroll for hours through blogs that are supposed to have a recipe somewhere.

Of course you would take a vitamin if you knew it worked and actually gave you more energy and a better mood. It’s too damn hard to make a change when you don’t know if that change is worth it or a waste of your money.

Of course you want to take back control of your health, but we need to make it really easy without wasting your precious time you could be spending with your loved ones.

Using my Food Foundation Pillars, I know you can create easy nutritious meals the whole family will love and still have time for a glass of wind to unwind. I know you’re going to feel 10 years younger with my easy to follow program that is specifically designed for you. 

I know what you’re going through and what it takes to go from frustrated and exhausted to thriving and in control of your health.

Here’s how we do it:
1. Schedule your Free strategy call 

2. Follow My Simple Customized Plan

3. Enjoy the Amazing Life you Deserve 

Schedule your free consult today. 

Until next time, try one of my kid tested “Can’t Believe It’s Healthy" Comfort Foods so you can enjoy potato chips and waffles without feeling guilty.

I send so much love to you and I can’t wait to meet you.