Hi, I'm Jessica,

...some call me Dr. Eggplant because I can help women get knocked up using only food as medicine but be careful what you wish for. When I became a mom, I thought my life ended and I felt guilty sharing that. I gave up my needs to meet those of everyone else around me and ruined my health in the process.

I struggled to get out of bed, cried my way through every shower (if I got one), and slaved away in the kitchen to make healthy food that nobody wanted to eat.

If I knew then, what I know now, I would have eaten more and exercised less. I would have put my own oxygen mask on first so that I had the energy to help my family with ease. I wish I would have known who to ask for help when my 15 minutes with my doctor was up and I still had so many questions.

I saw a holistic nutritionist that helped me fill in the gaps that medications and medical advice left me with and I knew that was the kind of work I needed to provide.

I've learned so many evidence based tools to help me thrive with amazing energy and I want to share them with you. Finding the right food for you can help you transform from exhausted and frustrated to thriving.

Inspired by my mama, who knows her way around a kitchen, I've always had a passion for food, but I have no time to spare. I spend most of my time making up healthier comfort food recipes that take less time and use less dishes. In my company, Food Foundation, I listen to your needs and customize your plan to make healthy easy for you.


My life is one continuous study of health from a degree in dance from SDSU, a Yoga/Ayurveda certification from The Energy Center in New York, Functional Anatomy certification with Irene Dowd from Juilliard, NTP certification through the Nutritional Therapy Association, to a Masters of Science in Human Nutrition and Functional Medicine from UWS.

My passion for food came after a miscarriage opened my eyes to reveal my Standard American Diet aka the SAD diet was killing me softly. I switched to eating nutrient dense foods and my energy came back immediately. Within a month I lost 8 pounds, no more headaches, no more acid reflux, and best of all became pregnant with my daughter.

It was easy when the steps were customized for me and why I’m so passionate about helping you find your perfect plan.


I love to talk real food. My specialty talks are for those of you that want to help change the whole family's diet without anyone noticing.

Your wellness muse,

Jessica, MS-HNFM

+1 (650) 763-0007