Let’s Detox Together: A Gentle 28-Day Program to Revitalize Your Health and Life

Imagine sitting down with a warm cup of tea and a friend. You’re catching up and have so much to share. Mostly you want to tell her about how you’ve just spent the past month eating only nutritious foods and how amazing you feel. You have so much more energy, no more brain fog, serious mood swings or sugar cravings, and you’ve even lost weight. It wasn’t easy, but you’re so proud of how you changed your eating habits. You even had fun finding 40 different plants you could eat in one week. Those pesky gut symptoms don’t pop up anymore. She asks if you did some sort of crazy cleanse like she did. She said it was torture. She lost a little weight, but it’s already back and she’s been super grumpy. No, nothing like that. You did a 28-Day Detox with Food Foundation. It helped you fall in love with your body, your food, and your life!

Food is Medicine 

As I enter the final year of my doctorate in clinical nutrition, I’m amazed at the capacity of food to heal our bodies from chronic disease. It's no exaggeration to say that food is the missing tool in medicine, capable of shaping the course of critical diseases. I have seen people save their gallbladders from removal by shifting macronutrients, others overcome cancers with very poor prognosis, and people bring their colitis into remission.

How? It's a synergy between diet, lifestyle changes, and medical treatment plans. 

But imagine this: What if you could alter your diet now and prevent the dire diagnosis altogether?


Why I Detox 

This is what inspires me to do a gentle 28-day detox every January. When I’m so sick of the booze, the sugary treats, and the headaches and hangovers that go with them, I take a little break to make sure I’m eating in a way that nourishes my body… and amazing things happen.

I start to sleep the entire night from the moment my head hits the pillow, to the moment I wake up with plenty of energy to get out of bed. My face clears up from those little bumps and blotches I feel I need to cover up and the puffiness fades away. My appetite regulates so that I wake up ready to break my fast and then I make it to lunch without a single hangry moment. My mood feels like I put on rosy sunglasses and though the problems of the world are still there, I feel like I can approach the situation with calm and critical thinking instead of panic and overwhelm. 


Every year since 2014 I’ve been teaching others how to detox safely and effectively based on scientific evidence. The post-detox glow is so irresistible that I repeat this 28-day journey every year, eager to share it with my community. I love for others to join me on this transformative journey. 

What It Is 

This is not your ordinary detox! It’s not about juice cleanses or multi-day fasting, expensive and exotic shakes, or elimination of all joy from your life.

What it is: a gentle way of living without toxic chemicals in your body. It can be done over and over until it becomes a lifestyle. While we aim to remove sugar, processed foods, refined vegetable oils, and pesticide-heavy grains for 28 days, the focus is on eating MORE fat, MORE protein, MORE veggies, being MORE satiated, and feeling amazing MORE often!

No one polices your progress, but I'm here every week during the 28 days to meet with you, provide support, and address any questions. 

This program was initially self-guided, but we now gather simultaneously for a collective experience. Joining together fosters a sense of community and significantly improves overall results.

I’m going to host an online meeting every Friday at noon Pacific time during the detox. Meeting days will be: January 19, 26, February 2, and 9. 

If you’ve never given this a try, I encourage you to join me on Friday January 12 for a lunch-hour online discussion of what it means to detox, how to survive one, and how to make sustainable changes that will improve your health throughout the entire year. 

What’s included

  • Community Support: Access weekly group meetings for a strong support network.
  • Holistic Nutrition Q&A: Pose your health questions to me. 
  • Free Cookbook: Loaded with healthy recipes for the whole family.
  • 40-Plant Species Challenge: Embark on a journey of diverse plant-based nutrition that can slow down the aging process..
  • Detox Food Guide: A comprehensive list of 16 foods that naturally detox the body.
  • Printable Food List: Pick and choose from a curated list of detox-friendly foods.
  • Sample Meal Plans: Simplify your detox with two weeks of sample meal plans.
  • Extra Tips: Gain inspiration with additional tips for a successful detox journey.

Expect Results

In addition to the post-detox glow and feeling energized and revitalized, previous clients have reported that they feel a real sense of accomplishment, knowing they've taken proactive steps toward better health. 

There are so many success stories to share, but here’s just one: From Frustration to Freedom

Another client, Keith, said, “The 28-day detox changed the way my body functioned. I lost about 15 lbs without even trying or depleting myself of calories. My energy skyrocketed and I slept better.  My endurance also increased a bunch.  The 28 day detox helped me be disciplined about planning my meals without getting crazy about it.” 

I would love for you to feel the benefits of clearer skin, regulated appetite, improved mood, better mental clarity, and more as well. Let’s do this–together!

Click here to register for the info session Friday, January 12 at noon Pacific.  Spots are limited, so save your spot today.

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 I can’t wait to see you then. 

Happy holidays!