A Family Testimonial

By Jessica Campbell, MS, FNTP

What happens when the whole family starts to evaluate how they are eating and how that food is making them feel? Meet the Holden family! Keith, Meredith, and their oldest daughter all worked with Jessica individually to completely transform their individual health, and in turn, the health and happiness of their whole family!

Keith’s story

It all started with the 28 day detox “The 28 day detox changed the way my body functioned. I lost about 15 lbs without even trying or depleting myself of calories. My energy skyrocketed and I slept better.  My endurance also increased a bunch.   The 28 day detox helped me be disciplined about planning my meals without getting crazy about it.  If I slipped on my planning, Jessica gave realistic options. I also learned a lot about nutrition from this process.” - Keith 

Then we started on phase two “I worked with Jessica for one reason, to clear up my skin.  For over ten years, I was plagued with skin issues.  Doctors could only fix it for a short period of time, then my problems would return.  Jessica did for me what Doctors couldn't.  It took some time, but Jessica found a way to keep my overall health and still clear up my skin.  In the process, I got a lot more than clear skin.  I learned a ton about nutrition and how slight changes in nutrition can change the way you function as a human being.  My weight dropped, my endurance increased, my sleep improved and I had a ton more energy.  I know many people are scared of nutritionists because of their unrealistic demands and over the top restrictions.  Jessica is none of that.  During my time working with her, I was never hungry and ate tons of foods that I love.”  -Keith

Meredith’s Story

“Jessica has been so helpful not only to me personally but to my family. When I first saw her,  I was finishing up a year long accelerated nursing program with 2 young kids. I was crashing and needed to find some balance. I have an exercise and nutrition background but Jessica’s knowledge and experience exceeded my expectations. My thyroid numbers were increasing and I needed adrenal support. My goal was to NOT be on lifelong medications. With diet modification and supplementation I have kept this goal. Over the last 5 years, I have worked with her through my 3rd pregnancy and through COVID as I consulted how to best boost my immune system when working in a hospital and with COVID patients. Jessica has been spot on with her recommendations throughout.” - Meredith 

Addy’s Story

The success that Keith and Meredith saw led to their daughter, Addy, coming to see me as well. “My 13 year older daughter (now 14) had stomach pains all of the time. We had her meet with Jessica who helped educate her on how different foods break down and helped her modify and understand how food choices were affecting how she was feeling. It’s been almost a year since they met and I can’t remember the last time my daughter has complained about her stomach hurting.” - Meredith 

Saying Goodbye To Pain

Working with each member of the family individually allowed their biodiversity to lead my protocols. By customizing my plans and using targeted therapeutic supplements, you’d be amazed how your feelings of hopelessness can become distant memories. I often have to remind clients after a few months what they were suffering from on that initial visit. Can you imagine… not remembering the pain?

If you’re feeling hopeless and want someone who has made it their life’s work to help resolve the imbalances that cause the symptoms in the first place, please don’t hesitate to reach out. Book a free 15 min consultation and share your burden with me. I am here to serve and help you holistically find your best health.

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