Tips for Yummy Kale Chips

Unlimited combinations of medicinal herbs and nutritious nuts

Sometimes I just need something crunchy and salty to chew on.  They say when you have salty, crunchy cravings, it often means you want to "chew on something"  whereas those who crave sweet are often searching for comfort.

This rings so true for me. I used to be very uncomfortable most of the time. With raging hypoglycemia, I figured I had the green light to eat sugar all the time so that I could keep my blood sugar from dropping too low. Little did I know I was creating a blood sugar roller coaster everyday with the sweet carbs I chose to eat.

Now, I've been off sugary carbs for about 4 years and I spend most of my time researching strange symptoms of my clients and developing personal protocols. I always feel like my mind is "chewing on something," and these kale chips are the perfect treat. They are naturally gluten-free and full of vitamins and minerals from those healthy greens.

Check out the instructions below for some helpful tips for yummy kale chips.


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