Smoked Black Cod Salad

Last week I was dining on delicious halibut from my friend Sena at SenaSea. I cooked the fresh fish I ordered as quick as I could, but the smoked black cod, I saved for a special night. Not one of those special nights where you cook all day and surprise your loved one with dinner. Get real, I'm a working mother with two young kids. No, I meant a night when it was just me, after a long day of work, and I wanted something quick and easy that was still delicious and special.

With smoked fish, you don't even have to love fish to enjoy it. If done right, the fish will adopt a smoky, caramelized flavor that reminds me of candied bacon. This smoked black cod was done very right and thanks to Sena Sea, I enjoyed a simple salad that was delicious and special.

When you shop for high quality ingredients, you don't have to work that hard to create a great meal. With my smoked black cod salad, you can skip the cooking too. I placed a piece of smoked fish on top of healthy greens, layered a ripe avocado, sunflower seeds, a handful of cilantro, and that's it. Your salad could include: snap peas, cucumber, parsley, tomato, olives, slivered nuts, crumbled blue cheese, or feta.

My goal was to keep it light in portion, so I loaded up the healthy fats from seeds, avocado, and of course, my fish to satiate my appetite with nutrient dense foods. A drizzle of olive oil, a squeeze of lemon, a splash of vinegar later, and my salad was gorgeous. I don't know what it is about vinegar and fish, but the English have found a delightful food pairing. The vinegar cuts through the fattiness and leaves a nice tang in your mouth.


Although I LOVE this salad with smoked black cod from Sena Sea, you could absolutely try this with smoked salmon, smoked trout, or any other delight. Give yourself the freedom to experiment with the ingredients. Don't be afraid to include lots of healthy fats, leftover cooked veggies, raw veggies, and an herb such as parsley, cilantro, tarragon, mint or dill because they are the healthiest foods on the planet.

If you make a smoked fish salad, I would love to see the photo. Post it below or here on the Food Foundation Facebook  page and inspire someone.


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