Don’t read this if you think being a mom is easy!

By Jessica Campbell, MS, FNTP

When you were pregnant, did you have visions of pushing a fancy stroller, meeting your mommy friends at a chic cafe while sipping a latte, and showing off a cute sweater you were  knitting for baby?

Why didn’t anyone tell you that this type of motherhood only exists in the movies and that being a mom looked more like this…

What No One Told You About Being A Mom

Being a mom is not fancy. You end up wearing stretched-out sweatpants and sweatshirts with mysterious moisture on them, your pockets are full of matchbox cars instead of lipstick, and you haven’t been out on a dinner date without kids crying and throwing half of your meal on the floor for months.

Being a mom is not chic. It’s exhausting because you can never keep up with the kids, they never go to bed, you fall asleep before they do, and then they wake you up all night with their bedwetting and bellyaches, but when you finally fall asleep it feels like it’s already time to get up and get ready for school and they are of course sound asleep so you consider skipping school because seriously, it seems easier than waking them up.

If I’ve learned anything from motherhood, it is to never wake up a sleeping child. Take advantage of every minute!

Being a mom is not cute. Half of the time you feel like giving up and giving the kids pop tarts for breakfast while you finish off the chocolate cake and wash it down with a bloody Mary, I mean does it really matter anyway when your doctor said your labs are normal and what you eat doesn’t matter even though you feel terrible and you remember that one time when you did eat well and you did feel better, but you have mommy brain so you can’t remember what the point of the diet was anyway and you just eat your cake and cry.

The Kids Are Cute But Being A Mom Is Hard

Oh, but the kids are so cute when they’re little, which I think is by design so you don’t give them away, and soon they get older and you think NOW I can get my life in order, but you have too many schedules, too many jobs, too many errands to run, and you want to exercise, and you want to eat well and feed the kids well and maybe have sex once if it was with a complete stranger that looked like Chris Hemsworth, but you have zero energy to get a waxing, zero time to go shopping, zero time to cook, or even care when all you’ve eaten all day is the crust off your kids sandwich. 

I know how you feel, and even though I have 2 amazing kids and I may look calm on the outside, some days my head is spinning with 100 different thoughts of should we eat more fat, more carbs, more protein? Should we get more sunshine, more exercise? Why does my doctor keep dismissing my questions when I learn alternative information about foods, herbs, vitamins, and instead she just keeps recommending anti-depressants. Am I going crazy?!?

Motherhood is a time when we put everyone in the family before ourselves, we fall out of shape, we lose inspiration to cook, and we feel like a burden in the doctor’s office if we ask anything outside of the ordinary. We want to get healthy, we want the family to be healthy, but we need it to be easy. I mean really easy. Like… how can I still eat potato chips, drink a glass of wine on the weekends, and not be on the internet all day searching up new recipes that I’m never going to make?

I Want To Help Moms Get Their Energy Back

I want you to know I hear you and I’ve got your back. I’ve made it my mission to help all moms find enough energy to get out of bed in the morning and feel 10 years younger, get the kids fed and fueled for a healthy day so you can have time to go workout for yourself, and still get a rockstar dinner on the table with time for a glass of wine to unwind.

I’m offering you 1-minute healthier videos on Instagram in case all you have is 60 seconds and the bandwidth to make one change. I’m also offering a free online webinar in April (recorded, because I know you’re already triple booked that day) on how to go from the tired mom to the thriving mom. 

Let’s stay connected and I’ll share the details and more tips on how you can get just a little bit healthier every day.

Mucho love to you, hang in there my friend,



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