3 Old Nutrition Myths - Busted!

By Jessica Campbell, MS, FNTP

You may have seen my daily videos on Instagram or Facebook as I struggled through my 28-Day Detox but came out feeling 100% better. I shared my personal experience, yes, (even the bad days), and I continue to share tips and tools to help you combat inflammation using delicious comfort food as the foundation of your health protocols.

I often share my own nutrition mistakes, especially around old nutrition myths, so that you can learn from them and try not to make the same mistakes I did. I’m so passionate about busting old nutrition myths and resolving inflammation that I offer a daily video. Join me every day @jessicafoodfoundation for my 1-Minute Healthier series and in 60 seconds, I promise to share with you 1 tip to become a little bit healthier.

For now, let’s recap what we learned from the 28-Day Detox course in case you missed it. There are some big takeaways that can bust some seriously detrimental nutrition myths and here are my top 3.

Top 3 Nutrition Myths - Busted!

MYTH #1 You have to do a juice cleanse to detox your body.

FALSE: A juice fast may not provide enough nourishment in the appropriate amino acids, essential fatty acids, and vitamins for proper detoxification.

I love a good juice, and often feel pretty high after drinking it, but that is often because it carries a large amount of sugar without the appropriate fiber from the actual fruit or vegetable.

We actually have no need for carbohydrate sugars, if you don’t believe me check out this amazing TEDx Talk by Dr. Sarah Hallberg, who explains why. We do however, need the fiber to cleanse our bodies, help with proper elimination, and feed our microbiome in the gut. This means a vegetable smoothie with a little protein on the side would be a better food to detox the body.

I recommend a daily dose of this micronutrient smoothie designed by Dr. Rhonda Patrick because it provides ample fiber, nutrients, antioxidants, and it tastes great. If you prefer to drink your vitamins and eat your pre-biotics, this is a great way to boost your nutrient uptake.

MYTH #2 You have to order a detox program with packaged meals to cleanse your body.

FALSE: Detoxes, diets, elimination diets, cleanses. This is a multi-million dollar industry because we all have trouble saying no to the delicious, addictive, convenient foods out there full of sugar, salt, additives, and preservatives.

Even the packaged health foods often contain these 4 ingredients I mention over and over because many of the diseases are triggered by these compounds.

It’s not your fault!

The convenience is hurting you, not your diet. The industry has hired anthropologists, food scientists, sociologists, and chemists to make sure these packaged foods are so addicting, we simply cannot resist them.

I know I can’t eat just one, can you?

Please, I can’t even be in the same room with a potato chip. That’s why I offer a healthier potato chip recipe in my Favorite Comfort Foods Cookbook on my website as soon as you sign up to receive my newsletter. I have to have a healthier option available so I can put down the bag. Try it! Replacing the inflammatory foods with the healthier foods may work for you too.

So how do you fight against marketing, cleanse your body, and achieve a sustainable healthy diet?

Look for real foods that you can recognize and trace back to its roots easily. When you’re in a grocery store try to avoid the end of the aisle sales and the gimmicky “health foods.” You do not need a packaged food to tell you it is healthy, trust your intuition.

The aisles, especially at eye level are mostly dedicated to convenience foods that are chock full of artificial sugars, salts, additives, and preservatives, so stick to the perimeter where they keep the naked fruits, veggies, meats, dairy, and eggs.

The main goal of my 28-Day Detox program is the emphasis on eating real foods and finding which ones work well in your diet. We are all unique and not all of us fit a cookie cutter diet, so why should we all buy the same protein powders and diet drinks? We need a unique approach and I lay the foundation for a healthy diet, but you choose the foods.

MYTH #3 One diet is better than all of the other diets.

FALSE: Low-carb, low-fat, Mediterranean, vegan, paleo, keto, Atkins, Weight Watchers etc. In the last few decades, we have seen hundreds of diets trying to combat obesity, pre-diabetes, inflammation, and general disease. But which one is the best and which one is a scam?

The only diet that works is the one that works for you!

The good news is most of them do work so you have a lot of options. They all typically work because they cut out the processed, convenient foods full of sugar, salt, additives, and preservatives. Real foods aren’t really healthy or unhealthy in a general sense, it’s more about the quality and quantity you are consuming.

I prefer to change the perception of the word diet to mean ‘the way you eat’ not the program you choose that forces you to give up the foods you love, cut calories until you feel like you’re starving, and sells you packages of more convenient foods with hidden sugars, salts, additives, and preservatives.

There really is no perfect diet out there to follow because we are all so different and have unique bodies, with unique immune systems. This is why I wrote a 28-Day Detox program to help people find their own unique diet.

We are over-fed, but undernourished and it’s time to nourish yourself back to health. Let me be your guide and I promise to help you fall in love with your food, your body, and your life!

Your Wellness Muse,



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