You're Invited To Detox!

By Jessica Campbell, MS, FNTP

Cookies, cocktails, and candy aplenty. The holiday season is filled with things that taste awesome but leave our bodies full of toxins. I'm not suggesting that you say no to all the holiday party fun, but instead, help your body get back on track in January with another round of the 28-day detox!

You're invited to a 28-day detox!

When: January 9th - February 6th

Where: Sign up here then join me daily on Facebook or Instagram for a check in video and support (posted daily at 8:30am)

Discount: Use code FFDTX2022 to get $50 off of your purchase between now and January 8th.

When you purchase the Detox, you get lifetime access to the program! That also means if you have participated in the detox in the past you can join us on January 9th free of charge. Along with the detox course you also get to email me questions for the whole month that you are participating!

Please also know that you are not obligated to start this program on January 9th or any other specific day. I like to suggest a start date so that you know there are others on this journey with you but if a different day works better, go for it! Once again, I am here to support you through the whole month, so feel free to reach out with any questions you may have.

Your wellness guru,