The Gift of Life

By Jessica Campbell, MS, FNTP

Below is the testimonial of Jennifer, in her own words. She says I gave her the gift of life, yet she did all the hard work. Being a part of her journey over a series of months was a gift!

"I firmly believe that working with Jessica gave me more time on this earth. 

She gave me the gift of life, and my quality of life has vastly improved since working with her.  

When I began with Jessica, my PCOS felt out of control. I felt scared by the increase of symptoms, afraid of what making changes would be like, doubted myself and my ability to make change, and was in a bit of a shame spiral about my body.

 I struggled with insulin resistance, weight gain, obesity, low cholesterol (both the good and the bad), gut issues (that I didn't even know about!), and was really struggling trying to learn how to fuel my body. I was trying things that "diet culture" taught me should work, but they didn't work for the hormonal imbalance PCOS was causing.  

Jessica made quick work of supporting me and my body. Her protocols were straightforward and understandable. It was hard work, but it paid off.  

My time with Jessica and Carrie [the health coach for Food Foundation] felt warm and supportive, nonjudgemental, and super educational.  Working with Jessica I lost 50 lbs and felt like I was barely even trying, all I did was learn to nourish my body in a way that balanced my hormones. Many of my PCOS symptoms have reversed, I've started ovulating naturally again, my skin is clearer, I have more energy throughout the day, and my mood is better. I also feel like Jessica allowed me to decide how much weight I wanted to lose and allowed me to set my own goals. I valued this a lot and this approach took away a lot of the shame I felt around my body.  Working with Jessica felt like an investment in myself and my future. 

I am so grateful for Jessica and Carrie, thank you both so much! "