Quick Tips Video: Bone Broth

By Jessica Campbell, MS, FNTP

Here's a quick video on the how to's for making nutrient dense bone broth. If your soups taste like water, it's time to ramp up your broth. If you're still using store bought broth, time to check out how simple and economical this collagen rich, mineral rich, healing elixir really is. 

You can't do this wrong, so just go for it. Even if you boil the bones for only 1 hour while you make soup, your broth will have far more minerals and nutrients than if you just used water and boneless skinless chicken breast. I like to sip my broth in a mug with a good dose of sea salt, but you don't have to drink it.

You could use bone broth in place of water to make your rice more nutritious or whip up a quick soup. Try my Polish Tomato soup or this Miso Salmon Soup for an Asian flavor.

I want to hear your ideas! Please share your recipes using bone broth below so you can inspire someone! If you forgot why you are drinking bone broth, check out this highly informative blog that sums up the healthy broth attributes nicely.

Make sure to add the salt at the end. Salt will saturate the water with minerals. Keep the water mineral-less so the most amount of minerals are leached from the bones. When done cooking, add more minerals with a nice sea salt. The flavors will pop and make your broth delicious. Happy Cooking!

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