Movement for Detoxification

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We are just getting started on our January 2022 detox and I wanted to spend a few minutes talking about movement for detoxification. 

One of the most important tools for detoxification is movement. We need to move our bodies everyday in a myriad of ways to use up the glucose in our blood (blood sugar), pump our circulation of blood, lymph, and oxygen, and flush the waste out through daily elimination. 

The type of movement however is not as important. Whether you’re a runner, a yogi, a dancer, or you simply enjoy walking the dog, all of these exercises will get the job done. In fact there has been excellent research that the more irregular the movement like playing on the playground with children or climbing over rocks and jumping over streams, the more beneficial. This is exciting because it means we don’t need to sit in a sterile room on an elliptical repeating the same motion for hours. We can play!

Another important aspect of movement for detoxification is that we want adequate circulation from breathing and this can be done taking slow, deep breaths. I used to think it had to be panting from a vigorous cardio workout, but have been proven wrong by watching the health improve of elders that simply practice Tai Chi in the park.

When I was dancing in NY for hours everyday I could not shed those last 5 pounds I was dying to get rid of. All it took was an excellent yoga training to teach me to slow down and feel the movement deep in my body. I developed more lean muscles and shed the weight easier when I was slowing down with a calm, relaxed, practice. It blew my mind!

It was shocking to me then, but now after studying the physiology and anatomy in depth, I've realized that a lot of it was due to high cortisol. When we are stressed, the movement is not a helpful exercise, and cannot keep up with detoxification because the body will prioritize detoxing the natural adrenaline. This means that you will get more benefits if you enjoy your movement and can remain in a calm state.

I’m not saying you should avoid hard core workouts, but I hope you choose ones you love, like skiing, climbing, hiking, dancing, acrobatics, martial arts etc. When you move with joy, you will produce more dopamine and ‘feel good’ hormones and less cortisol and adrenaline. 

Beginner Friendly Chakra Yoga Series

If you haven’t tried my favorite workouts, check out my Chakra yoga series on YouTube. I offer free 20min, 15min, and 10min yoga series for all levels. I explain my style as delicious movement with juicy stretches, yes I use the same words I would with food and I like it to feel more like a dance than a flexibility challenge.

So what about those of us that dream of working out, but are stuck in the office all day. I hear you, but that is no excuse. We can and have to move a little bit. I created this video to help you with 3 quick stretches that take less than 5 minutes. Try to get these in 3 times a day when you are at your desk and remember to schedule in a little workout everyday. 

3 Quick Desk Stretches

Look at your calendar right now and pick a time for a workout. It can be 15 minutes or 1 hour but be sure you schedule it in, make an alert, and hold yourself accountable. Then when you hear the timer, get ready, and go do whatever works for you. Take a walk around the block, lie on the floor and cuddle with your pets, or turn on your favorite song and be silly while trying to do all the popular dances. It’s not rocket science, it’s not the Olympics, it’s just a matter of moving your body, and it’s important.

28-Day Detox

If you're interested in joining the full 28-day detox, there’s still time! You can start whenever is convenient for your schedule and still get all the same great content. Check out my Facebook and Instagram pages for a sneak peek into my own detox and community support along the way. If you have any questions about why a detox may be good for you and how the Food Foundation detox is different from other popular programs, don’t hesitate to reach out through!

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