Miso Salmon Soup

Unlimited combinations of medicinal herbs and nutritious nuts

One of the things I enjoyed while living in Shanghai was eating soup for every meal. I love to sip soup in the fall, and even more so, I love eating healthy foods. This miso salmon soup is so easy and ready to go in 20 minutes if you have homemade broth on hand. Although a soy product, a good quality Miso has been properly fermented to be easily digested. Remember not to boil your miso to keep the probiotic nutrients in tact, or you can omit it altogether if your broth is hearty and delicious on its own. Salmon also has delicate nutrients so we pour the hot broth over it to cook it gently.

I love my soup with fresh herbs, a dollop of spicy kraut, sprinkled sesame seeds, and pickled ginger if I have them. My daughter likes a splash of Red Boat fish sauce and fish eggs. The best part about this soup is the ability to improvise on your toppings. Just serve a plate of optional add ins and allow your guests to create their own favorite bowls