Let's Talk About Teens

By Jessica Campbell, MS, FNTP

Do you have teens at home?

I do; that's why some days I look like I have tons of help and am floating on top of the world, and the next day I look like I got hit by a freight train.

How can they can be both exhilarating and exhausting at the same time?

Although we can't control our teens, we can support them and have more 'top of the world' days than days like my second video you can catch below. (No judging on my bad hair day 😝)

Two Great Tips For Helping Teens Through Puberty

In this first video 1-min video I want I want to share a few tips to help you find the right foods to feed your teenager for a healthy cycle.

First, make sure your teens are getting enough protein. Our newly cycling teen girl's bodies are going through a lot of growth and development and they need substantial amounts of protein. During their periods they may need even more!

Second, your teens need healthy fats! Put away the butter substitutes and put a stick of the real stuff on your table instead. Let your teens use as much of it as they like!

I will make it my mission to save our girls, one stick of butter at a time.

Foods To Avoid For Hormonal Teens

Finally, Your teens don't need any more hormones!!!

Let's make sure that the one food you always buy organic only... is dairy.

Dairy cows are often given hormones to stay pregnant and produce enough milk to feed the world. Hormones are fat loving compounds that will reside in the fat of the milk and help your child develop earlier than what is natural for their body.

This does not mean we want to buy fat-free milk because studies have shown that children who drink full-fat milk gain less unwanted weight than children who drink skim milk. This is because the nutrients our children need to grow and have a healthy immune system reside in the fat. They are things like Vitamin A and D. Skimming the fat will remove the vitamins and leave you with extra carbohydrates in the lactose sugar. This can have a quicker effect of spiking your blood sugar and causing unwanted weight gain.

I Don't Think Teens Should Be Vegetarians

The bottom line is, meat is safer than sugar for your teens. Sometimes teens decide to go vegetarian and avoid meat, but meat is full of amino acids that are essential building blocks for a healthy body.

Sugar, on the other hand binds to proteins in the body and causes aging. If you want to climb into the fountain of youth, eat more protein to heal, rebuild new cells and tissues and less sugar that binds to tissues and makes them stop healing.

Helping Teens Create A Healthy Diet

If you're ready to make sure your teen is eating more protein, more fat, and less sugar and hormones, take baby steps. Remember that last time you made a suggestion and they rolled their eyes and looked at you like you had a horns growing out of your head?

I know all moms are the devil, it's not that we care and want what's best for our daughters, nope, we want them to fail. Why they believe this some days, I cannot tell you, but I know that they will thank you later when they feel comfortable in their own skin if you can impart this wisdom.

These are the tips I wish I could have told my 19 year old self.

Your wellness muse,



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