Homemade Chai Tea

By Jessica Campbell, MS, FNTP

One of the most common addictions I hear on the streets is for the Chai Tea Latte. Can you blame them? With the tempting aroma of cinnamon and spice, just the word chai gives me a warm feeling in my tummy and makes me dream of exotic lands. Read this only if you want to know the secret behind a homemade chai tea.

There are many simple chai tea blends found in your local store made with sweet rooibos, green tea or strong black tea. The dilemma with some teas and processed foods is that added sugar is often disguised as "natural flavor". This recipe is for those that like to DIY and smell the fragrance of chai spices lingering throughout the house. It has no caffeine, can be made by the paleo or vegan chef, and was taught to me by an authentic Indian Ayurvedic chef.

Next time you are cold and want to warm your body from the inside out, try this delicious homemade chai tea. It makes two mugs, just enough to share with a friend. Relax, have tea, and cherish your time together.