Caesar Salad Recipe

By Jessica Campbell, MS, FNTP

When life gives you lemons, make salad dressing. I would say lemonade as I have learned, but my lemon tree gives me lemons in the middle of winter when ice cold drinks do not sound refreshing. Instead I see the fresh crisp lettuce surviving strong in my garden and I think of this Caesar Salad recipe.

Caesar salad has been a staple in my home, from the time I was a little girl. We would visit Puerto Vallarta, Mexico and eat in the fancy restaurants. I loved to watch the waiters roll out the wheeled cart with the Caesar salad ingredients and put on a cooking show. I am not sure if our parents liked the salad or the fact that the dish entertained us kids for so long. I've combined these ingredients with a few tips I learned from my mama and as you may have expected, I have converted it to a nutrient dense food.

I am lucky to have two mothers in my life, the one that raised me and taught me how to cook at a young age and the one that raised my wonderful husband, business partner and tech support. Although they have both shared many a delicious recipe, I always change them up. This is not because they are not both brilliant in the kitchen, it is basically because I do not follow directions very well.

I think cooking should be a personal experience in which you use recipes for ideas, but change the ingredients to match the season, availability and personal tastes. I do not eat croutons for example, so this recipe has none, but you may love a homemade sourdough crouton as a topping.

This recipe is sure to please, as even the "steak and potatoes guy" will order a Caesar salad. Fresh ingredients are key so that you know you are serving a deliciously rich dressing over a simple crunchy romaine lettuce. My recipes are rarely flamboyant and complicated, they are more about keeping it simple and making food from the heart out of REAL nutrient dense food. You always know when you eat at my house, the meal will be simple, but I will provide you with the highest quality of food I can find.