Gluten Free Biscuits and Gravy

By Jessica Campbell, MS, FNTP

The best part about biscuits and gravy is that you can reuse the drippings from your turkey dinner, roast chicken, or roast leg of lamb from the night before. It's resourceful, it takes advantage of those healthy fat drippings, and it comes together in a jiffy for a savory, satiating, and nutritious meal. I made this recipe with the Bob's Red Mill Gluten Free Flour, it's a bit of a splurge to buy a pre-mixed gluten free flour but then again, I usually only make this on holidays, so it seems appropriately splurgy.

Making gravy

If you are not making gravy, start now! There is no better way to make a meal more delicious and more nutritious with barely any work.

To make the gravy, you really need to start from the night before. Roast a chicken, a turkey, or a roast and save the drippings. If the roasting pan can move straight to the burner, place it there on low while you enjoy dinner. Pour in 1 cup of bone broth, chicken stock, or even some wine or water, and keep it on a low simmer to cook out the water and concentrate the flavors.

Scrape off the sticky bits with a spatula and mix gently. Taste the gravy before seasoning because the saltiness will depend on how much seasoning dripped off your meat. If you like a creamy gravy, add in 1/2 cup heavy cream. If you want a thicker gravy, add in 1 Tbsp of gelatin, I like this Grass Fed Gelatin.  My favorite part is to add 1 Tbsp of butter at the end to really boost the flavor and healthy fats.

I know this seems like a cholesterol nightmare, but remember that dietary cholesterol has no effect on cholesterol levels in the blood. It is more dangerous to have fat free biscuits from refined white flour then it is to eat so much butter. That blows my 80's aerobics mind every time I think about it but it's true. The important thing about eating real butter is that you will feel full faster and won't need to worry about over eating.

Another use for leftovers

Pull off the extra meat from your leftovers and save this also. In the morning reheat the gravy (if you didn't finish it the night before) and add the leftover meat. You really can't go wrong here, just look at the picture below to see how I balanced the drippings with meat. Finally add some fresh parsley, sage, fresh ground pepper, or something to pop the flavor that you love.

Skip the sweets this year and go for something that feeds your body and soul. These gluten free biscuits and gravy are just the dish.