Best Paleo Cookies EVER!

By Jessica Campbell, MS, FNTP

Somedays I'm really on my game, I eat right all day, I welcome my husband to a home cooked meal, and treat the kids with respect all day. Then there are days when I wish I could crawl back in bed with a good book, grab a handful of chocolate cookies, and avoid everybody for hours!

These gooey chocolate cookies are the key to my down days. Plus without junky ingredients I can avoid the regret and shame from binging off my normal diet. Though we shouldn't get crazy and call them health food, they are not as bad as store bought junk.

Bonus points if you baked these yourself, because the fact that you went shopping for healthy ingredients, spent calories working in the kitchen, and treated yourself to an indulgence you deserve... is not a small feat.

You go girl!

Have a cookie or two, crawl back in bed, and enjoy! These are really dark, just so you know, I like my chocolate black!