A holistic guide for acid reflux, heartburn, and GERD

Resolve the Root Cause of Your Acid Reflux

Break free from debilitating symptoms and heal naturally with evidence based strategies

Are you tired of dealing with acid reflux?

When the fear of eating has consumed your day-to-day, you know that acid reflux has taken control of your life. Uncomfortable symptoms ranging from sleeping problems to that familiar burning feeling that just won’t go away can lead to more severe issues down the road if left untreated. Maybe you’ve tried everything from doctors to prescriptions, yet you have found ZERO relief.

This program is for you if:

  • Acid reflux, GERD, and Heartburn are impacting your quality of life
  • You are tired of doctors visits, multiple tests, and prescriptions only leaving you feel hopeless
  • You are looking for MORE than just temporary relief from antacids with side effects
  • You want a 100% natural way to heal the root cause and GET RELIEF NOW

Don’t Let Acid Reflux Control Your Life

Did you know…

  • Long-term standard gastrointestinal treatments can lead to infections, bacterial overgrowth, depression, nutrient deficiencies, and even bone loss?
  • Common acid suppressing medications may irritate your condition long term, making symptoms worse?

Taking a holistic approach to healing, you can address the root cause of your discomfort, alleviate symptoms, and heal on a DEEPER level. Understanding the how and why is far more rewarding than treating a symptom with a pill.

Your Healing Journey Starts NOW

You're not alone in this journey, and it’s normal to be overwhelmed by symptoms of acid reflux. For years I suffered from acid reflux that left me feeling helpless until I discovered how I could safely and effectively heal by using the simple steps I have outlined in this protocol.

I no longer deal with painful burning, bloating, or sour taste in my mouth from indigestion. I sleep like a baby without a stack of five pillows, and finally, I'm able to enjoy those comfort foods I love without any symptoms.

Are you ready to...

DISCOVER the root cause for your acid reflux

LEARN how to heal the underlying issue holistically

Let me help to SUPPORT you along your journey and LIVE SYMPTOM-FREE from acid reflux?

Now, you too can follow the EXACT PROTOCOL that helped me break free from acid reflux, heartburn, and GERD.


No More Acid Reflux

A step-by-step program to eliminate uncomfortable symptoms of acid reflux, healing the root cause.

Eat what you love again, soothe the pain, and heal the cause

This program was designed to educate, offer support, and ultimately find you relief, naturally aiding your body back to an optimal state. Finally, you will have a personalized protocol just for you that will not only alleviate agitating symptoms but heal the root cause of acid reflux with evidence-based nutritional therapy. PLUS, I will be guiding you every step of the way.

What does No More Acid Reflux have to offer?

  • First, we will take a survey of your symptoms.
  • Second, you will have access to my Reflux Diet Do's and Dont’s PDF
  • Next, you will learn all about the ten holistic healing goals
  • Lastly, I share with you my Holistic Acid Reflux Protocol

What’s included in the No More Acid Reflux?

  • Easy to follow diet guidelines
  • Soothing tea recipes
  • Stress reduction techniques
  • Supplement recommendations that offer excellent results
  • Lifestyle tips for the best possible relief and healing

I’ve been there too, I understand your pain and now I’m excited to get you back to the healthiest version of yourself.

Are you ready?

You no longer have to suffer through the agony of heartburn and indigestion. With evidence-based nutritional therapy, you can heal naturally and stop the reflux.

  • No more stomach distress
  • No more sleepless nights
  • No more fear of eating the food you love

Frequently Asked Questions

Does your course include information about GERD?‍

Yes, GERD or gastroesophageal reflux disease is discussed, however I am not a doctor and I do not treat disease. I share the most current evidence based holistic healing compounds to rebalance proper digestion and address the root causes of acid reflux and heartburn.

What GERD symptoms are covered?‍

The GERD symptoms that are discussed are heartburn, acid reflux, helicobacter pylori infection, ulcers, slow gastric emptying, lack of saliva, trouble sleeping, stress related symptoms, vagus nerve disruption, esophageal damage, and gut microbiome disruption.

What are the acid reflux symptoms?‍

Acid reflux symptoms can be pain in the chest or heartburn, trouble swallowing, regurgitation of contents in the stomach, slow gastric emptying, lack of saliva, burning stomach, feeling full after meals, not feeling like eating, or burning in the throat.

What are the GERD symptoms?‍

GERD is the diagnosis a doctor gives a patient when they experience acid reflux, heartburn, and stomach pain chronically multiple times a week. The symptoms are the same as the acid reflux symptoms.

How to get rid of acid reflux?‍

This course covers the evidence based holistic remedies for addressing the triggers, perpetuators, and mediators that lead to acid reflux. Real healing can occur when you resolve the underlying issues that lead to acid reflux.

Should I consult my doctor?‍

I am not a doctor and this course is not meant to replace your medical care. It is always advised to consult with your doctor before adding any new therapy to your protocol.

How do you stop acid reflux?‍

Acid reflux can be stopped by addressing the root cause and underlying triggers that lead to acid reflux. This course offers the path you can take to heal holistically as evidenced in the peer reviewed literature and in my clinical practice as a nutritional therapy practitioner using functional medicine.

What causes acid reflux?‍

There are many triggers that lead to acid reflux. The main mechanism that is disrupted is the proper digestive function typically through stress, food sensitivities, medications, or trauma. All of the causes are discussed and addressed in this course with holistic measures.

What food causes acid reflux?‍

It is not the food that causes acid reflux, but the acid reflux that makes the food troubling to the individual. This course helps you avoid the foods that can exacerbate acid reflux while getting to the root of the problem and resolving the digestive imbalance. After a month of following the Diet Do’s and Don’ts most people can eat all of their “trigger” foods again.

Are acid reflux remedies included?‍

Yes, all of the most current evidence based holistic remedies such as my licorice root tea as seen on YouTube are included. I also link to my personal online dispensary where you can buy practitioner grade supplements I recommend for rebalancing proper digestion.

Do you include natural remedies for acid reflux?‍

Yes, all of the remedies are natural, holistic, and work synergistically with your body to support healing.

Do you include home remedies for acid reflux?

Yes, many of the remedies can be found at your local grocery store and may already be in your cupboard.

Soothe pain and end reflux for good. You deserve to live a symptom-free life without dealing with the uncomfortable effects of acid reflux.